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AMNH Rose Center
for Earth & Space

AMNH Climate Exhibit

Change for the Oceans
Monterey Bay Aquarium

ASTC Annual Conference

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Teknikens Hus    Home [English]    
     Exhibit: Klimatgreppet (Grasping Climate) [English]
      Very Hands On. Physical Interactives. Includes link to descriptive film.
Teacher Guidebook [72 page! pdf]     Links
Travelling Exhibit: Brochure[15 pg pdf]   Tour Schedule

Field Museum -- Chicago     
Climate Change Exhibit: Portraits of Resilience
Press Releases: 1  2       Walk Through 
Educational Programs    Regional Educators Meet
Research -- Explore Science:    Climate    Polar Studies

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When it comes to the greenhouse effect, climate change & global warming;
for hands-on resources, be sure you know the difference between:
The flawed, faulty and faked demonstrations, labs and activities...

and the scientifically strong, vetted, authentic hands-on science demos

Birch Aquarium at Scripps -- San Diego
Feeling the Heat:
The Climate Challenge

Slideshow of Exhibit   
Be a Volunteer     Best Bets for More Information

Mobile Climate Science Labs       
Presentations in the Science Centers, Museums and Aquariums of Northern California

Sciencenter -- Ithaca, New York -- Climate Change Toolkit:
Ten hands-on activities
Four Portable Self-Guided Exhibits Kits (Discovery Boxes)
    Public Presentation: CO2 and You   Museum Field Trip Program

Communicating Climate Change -- C3   ASTC's C3 website
Science Museum Tools   Evaluation reports
European Museum Coverage of Global Climate Change 2007 Monograph

Pacific Science Center -- Seattle
Interactive Live Science Demonstration: Ice under Fire
Demonstration developed by Alice Altair Gift Enevoldsen
Outline   Full Script   Handout
Carbon dioxide sensor on top of Seattle Space Needle
Live Presentation: Combustion

American Museum of Natural History
Climate Change: Threat to Life and a New Energy Future
A New Energy Future    "OLOGY" for Kids    
Climate Change Resources for Educators - Activities by Grade
Climate Change Educators' Guide (PDF)

K-12 School Climate Science Resources
Elementary    Middle School and Up
Natural History Magazine
Science Bulletins  Siberian Expedition  Studying Tree Rings
   Center for Biodiversity and Conservation
AMNH Site Search: Global Warming
AMNH Traveling Exhibit --Pioneer in the 1990's!

Bill Nye's Climate Lab
Opening weekend event photos: 1 2 3 4 5
Mobile Climate Science provided

Flash Website:  Bill Nye's Climate Lab

Field Museum -- Chicago     
Climate Change Exhibit: Portraits of Resilience
Press Releases: 1  2       Walk Through 
Educational Programs    Regional Educators Meet
Research -- Explore Science:    Climate    Polar Studies

Earth from Space World Map

International Climate Change Education Portal
World's Finest Programs & Resources:
Education on Climate Change & Global Warming Solutions

From every continent and every major country
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Monterey Bay Aquarium
Exhibit on Climate Change now closed: Hot Pink Flamingos
Oceans and Climate

ASTC: Association of Science-Technology Centers   

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